Busy Week

Just finished the first week of school, I don’t think it has hit me yet that I am once a student again, not a full-time employee of Ryerson making money, but rather a full-time student spending money.
Next week will be even busier. I have two huge meetings coming up, one including the McClung’s Fall 2009 Annual meeting, which I want to attend.
It’s time for TIFF! Great news for Toronto because we have the famous among us, walking around the same streets, sharing the same TTC (maybe) or dining at our favourite restaurants, wouldn’t it be great to run into one. :)
Tomorrow I am doing my first shoot for mydictionary.com, let’s see how that goes.
The Veggie Food Fair is in Toronto! GO! YUMMY!
And least but not least, we all know the CityTV has moved into thier new newsroom, so I went today, staring from the outside, a man outside thought I worked there, me, really, maybe one day!
But I need a tour of that place ASAP :)



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