The Letter Less News

I started taking a radio class, (second class tomorrow wish me luck) so pretty much our teacher on the first day asked all of us: “who listens to the radio?” To my suprise I sat there and thought, wow I actually don’t.
I have always grown up listening to music radio news stations but when it comes to news, I feel like there are always lame excuses. I can’t drive. I don’t own a radio.
Well Arti, it’s 2009, the age of the internet.
So I spent tonight listening to some radio shows, even one from Manitoba and I remembered how much I loved radio news.
(When I was in high school I was actually part of a pilot team to launch a highschool radio station, Oh WTCS brings me back memories.)

This is all for today, online class was wicked, I will link all our work on this site soon.
Kevin Young and I were laughing today, how does Arti get 400 views. 300 must be from myself.

Arti Patel
(This is my debut as a host for the word of the day segment, talk about a TV colour.)


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