Lost and Found

I lost my phone on the subway today, I know this is the third time I am mentioning this.
But it turns out someone found it and brought it back to the station I left it at.
I know this almost never happens but I am so glad it did.
Thank you to whoever you are, my hero :)
You will have great karma haha.
On another note, I finally went to Ikea today and bought a new side table and shelf, my first furniture purchase with my own money. I finally know what my parents feel like…broke.
Other news: I am re-joining RUtv this year, hoping to be a on-air reporter again, I am actually very excited for the year and summer…I was inspired again today to land an awesome internship.

Good luck to me right?


One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. I would say that is absolutely good luck. I’m quite surprised that there are people with good hearts these days instead of keeping it.

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