Panel Review

I guess I really didn’t have time to mention how the Local TV panel went.
There were some ups…and yet some downs.
The only thing on my mind right now is, by the time I graduate will there be any jobs for me out there.
The panel brought in some big industry professionals, including producers and reporters.
They all talked about how their individual news stations and how they had the funds to produce local news or not. I guess at that point we all established that Citynews is very lucky to have such a huge investment by Rogers.
But at one point, someone brought up the question that journalism students, in their mid-20’s, in this woman’s class does not watch the news on TV.
So the panel agreed that most people do not watch the news until they are 30, or when they have something to worry about.
Is this true? No way I thought and I looked over at my friends, all journalism students, sitting beside me and saying, “no I watch the news every night.”
So then I turned over to Facebook and Twitter, who watches the news and are NOT journalism students. Here is what I got:
Well these people are not close to 30…so some people still do watch the news.


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