Made something today..again

I guess I have been feeling very crafty lately and Heather123 from YouTube has inspired me to create my own jewelery.
What have I learned:

Materials are expensive.
-I went to Wal Mart today to look for a chain and some pendants but I found them to be all around $4-$5 for something that looks like its lying around in people’s houses.

Dollar store rocks.
-I ended up buying all my materials from Dollarama, just so I know what is out there in terms of the market for jewelry making. On top of this, if I mess up, it won’t cost too much at least. I ended up buying a chain (pretty long and is the antique colour), 2 sets of different pendants meant for earrings, a starter set that has EVERYTHING and it actually is in good condition and lastly a basket to keep all of my stuff inside.

You have stuff at home.
I ended up making a necklace using some old earrings I had lying around in a jewelry box. I was actually missing the other one so I put this earring to use. Came out cool.

Advertise and get rich.
People are asking me, am I selling stuff. Well no, it is my first day and right now what I could really use is old jewelry, pendants, 1 piece earrings or anything in those terms you may have so I can use it to create stuff. Not looking to sell…yet that is.

Good day, long day, long week ahead.
Plus I need to watch Paranormal Activity.

My necklace and necklace rack I made.


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