back in business

I had 15 website hits yesterday.

This surprises me. Not only do I never post anything but I find it interesting people even tend to click from Facebook or Twitter. (shameless advertisement: follow me @artipatel).

So I went back in time today, two years ago, when I used to blog about MTV, being green and how-to guides to be the best South Asian wife, the joke version of course.

Well I am in my last semester and starting tomorrow I will be doing my fourth year internship. I am nervous yet excited. I am ready to be  in a news room, watch news happen and be there, live, to document it. This internship is definitely setting the basics for me, after years of doing random freelancing, working for Ryerson papers and when last summer, I co-created and worked with SERIEL. (hmm no link yet, sorry).

So now what?

I am working on the second issue of McClung’s Magazine, winter 2011 is ready for pick up.
I am starting this new internship.
I want to START making mini features for this site and SERIEL.
Find a job, in journalism of course.

Time for some change, you know those goals you set but they never happen? Maybe this year I can, stay tuned.


One thought on “back in business

  1. You’re back! I hope we see more posts about your life as a journalist starting tomorrow.
    and hell yeah represent.

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