my day was just filled with the TTC

I will try to make this short, I am super tired.

You know what was not short? The line up at Spadina station this morning. I ended up putting this picture on bbm and got a few responses from people telling me the subway messed up.  A few things hit me today before the first day, not so much the extreme weather Toronto has been having, but the thought that I should have probably invested into a data plan, to get constant updates? Even though my blackberry can send emails? (yeah, without the “-“)

So I ended up taking a taxi to Front Street and walking in pretty early.

The newsroom was intense. It was so strange to finally put faces to writers and when I saw how stories were updated online, I almost had a mini inner heart attack, kind of nerdy but it was like seeing your favourite TV show characters walking down the street. This idea of something that is always behind the scenes, was suddenly in my face.

I ended up following the TTC fare hike (which I may add is kind of a piss off, so much for that new metropass). Went down to Downsview Park and finding out how people felt about bus cancellations.

So after my first day here it is, the first newbie byline

McClung’s update: the magazines are here here here! We will be having a general meeting next week and of course, the infamous launch party in a few weeks to follow.

Let the learning process continue, bye for now, wait and that was a short post right?
(Flashback to first year).


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