the brain: spitting out what’s important on Friday

Awesome photo, to show my love for T.O was taken by Marc Felizardo

Yeah, so much for blogging everyday, the last two nights were pretty late, the only thing I could think of was how to get AWAY from computers.

So today’s post will be random and I will continue to report everyday, for ABC news, I’m Arti….not.

This video cracked me up today. If you don’t already know, after seeing many of my amazing photographer from New York and when I mean amazing I mean I put AMAZE back into the word. Amaze-ing (yeah, spell check that.)
But besides how amateur my photos were, I have a passion and love for the city. The big apple, that I want to take a bite out of. The people, the food and the vibe is quite different from Toronto. And of course I love T.O I actually 1 Love T.O if you know what I mean, but sometimes change is good. Bigger & Better.

So I was creeping The Star, I think, or Youtube, and check this out.

Okay, Lakshine, that video was dedicated just for you. You know for obvious rat-like reasons, hahaha!

When Lakshine and I were in NY we probably saw families of rats crawling down the platform, huge rats. (So please, never complain about the TTC, because we look amazing, sorry amaze-ing, compared to the MTA)

So the guy who uploaded the video also designed T-shirts?! for $14.99 even YOU can walk away with rat-inspired subway gear.

What else, so I go back to work tomorrow, figure out the skd. (new word from work) and yeah, trying to come up with some amazing story ideas to pitch next week, something that can be done, within Canada…and a phone.

peace out t-town



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