sites you should also bookmark

before we hit the sites, this is a picture I like, which Omair thinks is good…guess I am getting better.
It was taken during Tuesday’s funeral procession for sergeant Ryan Russell. (What a jam-packed day btw.)

Anyways here we go:

McClung’s Magazine
Okay just not saying it because I work there, but I was a McClung’s fan before I had a masthead position. Even though I haven’t had the chance to write online for a while now, our new writers have some amazing stuff! Just the other day our roller derby post got over 500 views and just today was mentioned at Toronto Life! I feel like a proud mama. But check it, seriously, great reviews, funny rants, cool photos and some community news you don’t see in mainstream news.

Doll Magazine
Oh gosh, conflict of interest I also used to write here and I will continue too…once I have time again. But another great read, expect researched and in-depth articles about women’s issues and more. Lot’s of personal stories as well including this one about losing weight and one of my favourites is on Congo.

If you know me you know I love multimedia, if you didn’t…well now you do. Some of the best journalism in multimedia form I have ever seen! Dream is to of course work for them too, or start something similar in Canada. One of my favourite projects is Undesired, a look at the deaths of baby girls in India. Awesome photography, video and just sigh, journalism needs to be more like this.
I wish I worked for them. I am usually creeping on this site every few hours during the day. The best photo galleries…seriously you will laugh at the stupid photoshop mistakes people make. They also have a bunch of videos, quick little posts and I always get a good laugh at some of the topics….and other times I am freaked out like this one.

The Fifth Estate
So if you like documentaries, you need to watch the Fifth Estate. If you don’t want documentaries, you still need to watch the Fifth Estate. Some of the best investigative journalism I have ever seen, I actually spent a lot of time last semester glued to my laptop watching docs about Somalian youths in Calgary and online suicides. Big Picture
Pictures tell 1000 words.

and that is it for now. oh yes, and all my news sites including The Globe and Mail (holla), The Star, The New York Times, The LA Times, Washington Post, BBC, CBC and the National Post after my dear friend started her internship.




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