i can appreciate art

Please….no loud music old school boombox.

So I will explain my love affair with the New York subway line, the verse in this song, isn’t so bad either.

So like I probably mentioned a million times I was in New York again and well in my previous post I posted this video, but still, mad love for the MTA. Some great art, funny advertisements and just great entertainment–while the train is moving. For example:

When Lakshine and I saw this, we couldn’t stop cracking up. Seems pretty serious I know but…sigh. the edge…because we get it.

Also, you know when you pass by Museum station or at least the first time you saw it, there is a sense of excitement? Well I know I did, I just appreciate the arts and funding into public art. The MTA was filled with art….even when you are going in between stops.


One last thing, to all my art/music/dance/freestyle junkies out there, embrace this public transit of ours. This last video is also great, check it out, shot by yours truly.


Well that is all for today…may Toronto be just as vibrant as New York one day.



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