DIY: Cool Photo Project

Cool Photo Thing? Yeah I am not that creative but I don’t know what to call it…picture in a frame? With light?

Alright so here is a step-by-step how to create this wonderful work of art that looks great in ANY room.

This would be the final project…I spy McClung’s cover, but yes here we go.

Here are the materials, you will need scissors, some magazines or random ads or graphics that you like. You can choose images that have a blank backside or an image with another image behind it (which looks cooler, hence the COOL part of the name)

You also need glass frames. I got mine for 50 cents from  Zellers, but you can get them at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, just don’t spend over a dollar for them, most likely they will fade out. Also, you want something that will stand straight, so don’t get those regular frames with that back piece (you know what I mean).

Start looking through those magazines, I really love you Flare, I really do…but your advertisements would make great cut-outs. I did this in  like ten seconds so I really didn’t get that creative…but you can!

Once you find an image, take your glass part of the frame and use it as a guide to outline the photo. Then cut around the frame. And check out that koala..freaky.

Once your done, put the picture in the frame. (The easiest step).

Tada, what you end up with is a very cheap art project that looks great. Put it against your window and watch the light expose both images on each side of the frame!

Floral pants and Naomi Watts? Cool right.


One thought on “DIY: Cool Photo Project

  1. Wow!! Some interesting creativity going on here, with the sunlight shining through it looks so awesome when two pictures are exposed. I will have to go and try this out. Best of all it is cheap!!

    Arti, you are Artistic!!!

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