your toe cleavage is showing

So I was at Zellers a few weeks ago shoe shopping. Yeah, you read it right. Budget shoe shopping at Zellers is awesome.

Anyways so I was shoe shopping at Zellers and the one near my house, has those huge shelves with layers and layers of shoes. Once in a while, since some shoes are not organized, you see little gaps in between the shows of open space, usually peeking to the other side. So there I was was trying to fit into a size 8, because I thought I was a size 8, while I can hear a woman talking to someone about how she hated her feet. I listened, because I am a creepy eavesdropper looking for blog ideas.

I don’t love my feet. I always get blisters and corns (sexy) because of tight or new shoes. I actually never got a pedicure before, I think they might have to shut down the store on June 18 (my first appointment. I blame the family genes, a lot of us don’t like our feet. And a lot of the times I just don’t even consider feet because I am too busy thinking about the other 5 million things wrong with me.

A culture obsessive over body parts, I am too a part of this. But what that girl started talking about next…made me wonder HOW MUCH MORE can we keep pointing out the details. She started trying on the same pair of shoes I was trying on and asked me what size I was. I said 8 or 9, but it always changes. She said I was lucky and how she had to suffer with size ten all her life. I just though oh, yeah, (I really can’t relate, I always end up finding shoes). So whatever she continues to look and she tries on these pumps (yes, Zellers sells pumps) and she says, “I have too much toe cleavage.”

Wait…what? People care about toe cleavage? Well I have heard about the term before, so I knew what it meant, I just didn’t know  the everyday customer would even think about it. So I went home, googled and youtubed it, youtube left me a lot of fetish videos like this one:

So according to Wikipedia, “Toe cleavage is the partial exposure of a woman’s toes in shoes that are cut low enough at the vamp. Low cut shoes reveal toe cleavage similar to how low cut tops reveal breast cleavage.” And some magazines…consider it a fashion trend, what happened to anchor imagery and sailor suits? (ha ha).

So I stood there and said, those shoes look fine, trying to process in my head that this woman was considering about her toes in her shoes, because, this is what people notice? Do they? I hope not. Or why would they? Who cares! Love your toes or hate them, your choice. There really is no conclusion to this, I can’t stop people from not talking about toe cleavage, stupid enough, I started noticing it after that girl talked to me.

Just thought I’d share that story.

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