why look for inspiration? It’s right in front of you

That title seemed a bit too hallmark, even for my taste.

However, I have noticed after newsfeed updates on Facebook, and trust me, there are a lot of them, a lot of my friends or people I know this summer are raising money for charity by travelling. I found some and I would like to share.

First off, two boys, two scooters, one trip across Canada.

My friend JF Jean Francois if you are feeling fancy and his friend are commiting to a 4500 km journey from Toronto to British Columbia raising money for prostate cancer along the way. Their site outlines how much money they will be raising, dates, information and all that jazz so you should definitely check it out.  Good luck guys!

Here is another one. ONE MAN. TWO HORSES. one insane journey to Brazil.

So super awesome Filipe (seriously, if you have not made friends with this guy yet, you are missing out, he is full of surprises like this one)  will be travelling to Brazil from TORONTO by HORSE. When I saw him post this video onto his girlfriends wall, my heart just sank. How incredible. Along the way THROUGH 11 COUNTRIES, Filipe will also be documenting his travels but check this out first, the promo for Journey America.

Filipe will start riding in June 2012 and his trip will take him roughly two years.  To find out more or to help him out check this out, good luck, can’t wait to see the doc!

My friend Katia, has been on her journey ever summer and winter now, working with Kalandia Youth Media an arts school in the West Bank. She works with refugee youth to inspire them to be creative with media. (Verse City shout out) I have seen her letter after letter, grants after grants, working towards funding for her non for profit organization, if you would like to help, visit her site! Hmm and her site also has amazing photos from her work.
Thought I would share these with you, maybe if more come up I will post them here. ONE DAY MY OWN STORY. Get ready for that one ;)



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