nom nom nom ttc style

We all do it. Or most of us at least. Or we try to do it but get shy. Or maybe you find it disgusting. But I eat on the subway all the time.

Like today, I was eating lunch, because I was starving and well, it was hot at the moment and I couldn’t wait anymore. I was going home from Queen with a nice case of pad Thai in hand. I started to eat, forgetting people around me, forgetting the possibility that someone may hate the smell, heck, a person allergic to peanuts could have died. But there I went nom nom nom as this boy sat beside me and just stared. I really wanted to offer him some but I think his parents would freak out.

Then as I enjoyed that tofulicious masterpiece, I thought to myself, Oh yeah I pondered, is there such thing as TTC etiquette? Like yeah everyone eats a snack here and there, or sometimes lunch but would you have a full out meal?

Flashback in my university days my god I just graduated on Monday, I was riding the subway one morning and this man, South Asian I am sure of it, took out his container and started eating his um, breakfast. And this is not a surprise because people at my house decide to make Indian food at 8 a.m. So picture this, a cold winter day, everyone inside the train is wearing a winter jacket. It’s hot. It’s stuffy. People are crammed together and everyone is touching one another. Some on purpose others because of the circumstances. So here is this man, sitting on a seat and he decides to pull out his curry. I wasn’t sitting next to him but I smelled it right away. I think it was chicken.

So here we are on this crowded bus and this man is eating his curry with roti rotli and everyone around his automatically start politely covering their noses. Yeah okay, I know curry isn’t the GREATEST smelling item in the world but, hey, I like it. Did I like it at 8 a.m., no I really didn’t. So this guy continues to eat and I just said whatever and continued napping. Then I hear the whispers and the mumbles.  People just stare at him, some just disgusted and I just felt bad, like maybe he was really hungry. Other people were just at awe that he ate with his hands…sigh Toronto.

Which brings me back to today and eating on the subway.  If your food is ethnic or it could “smell” to someone who has never tried it, should you eat it on the subway? Like when those stupid people blast their rap music from their cell phones Oh dear god this should be a blog post on its own and everyone else is annoyed is it the same?

Or do we just get grossed out if the food is unfamiliar? I hate the smell of fish, if you ate fish beside me I would probably have to move. Or the hot dog, which happens all the time, that piece of meat in your well my face, just yuck.

Another one of those blog posts with no endings, just another day, of the life.

Oh P.S one day some lady got mad over eating on the train and this happened:


**photo from


2 thoughts on “nom nom nom ttc style

  1. hahahah arti you always crack me UP. he he he ha ha ha. I love this post. I do it too man, but only when I’m really starving and I always feel awkward about it.

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