I wish there was a headphone tree

This blog post will be an open letter:

Welcome to the world of the TTC and stories that will change the way you think “transportation.”

You know, because we all think about it. When we go to work, to school or wherever. You have a long day, a good day and other times a crappy day. It’s packed, it smells, it has crazy people jumping out of driver’s booths seen it it has other people licking their feet seen it or how about couples NOT finding a room seen it too much.

But there is ONE thing on the subway well mostly everywhere but on the subway especially because you are just sitting there, um, transporting. Anyways WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THEIR STUPID MUSIC ON THEIR CELL PHONES WITHOUT HEADPHONES?! So the whole world can listen to Katy Perry or Lil Wayne of course. No, sorry, on top  of this I can hear  your voice doing a cover of the song, which isn’t any better than actually being forced to listen to your top ten list out loud.

And hey, I admit, sometimes if the tune is catchy I will like dance in my seat or move my leg or hand because I have a strange way of dancing but most of the times, I get angry and frustrated, even when my headphones are already on, or if I am reading or hey, having a conversation which could happen because I have a few friends. But why on earth do people do this?! Okay, well I might know. Showing off music, promoting songs or just giving that I don’t give a crap about what I do and you won’t do anything. And you know what you loud-music-playing-um-player you are right. I won’t do anything, give you a dirty look maybe kiss my teeth in my head but that’s about it.

But, someone will. One time someone did. I was sitting down and some arrogant guy standing in front of me was blasting some loud rap and rapping  along with it. He kept facing some old lady and rapping in her face, I guess trying to scare her, oh boy it worked. Then he turned around and did it to me, I live in Toronto dude, is that the best you got? Rap down on me? Anyways some guy comes over and asks him to turn his music off, long story short they cussed each other our and Mr. Everyone should know I listen to Chris Brown got off the subway.

So, if anyone is reading, please reconsider the next time you do this.



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