Lost in aisle 6

I really wasn’t lost in aisle six but that number just sounds scary.
So I was watching Family Guy today and saw this:

And then it reminded me of the time I was lost in a store. And i cried. A lot.

I was probably in grade one or two and it actually didn’t happen in a grocery store. It was at Zellers.

So I was looking for something, probably a Barbie and my mom decided to walk to another aisle with the cart. Usually back in the day and even now I can’t track my mother down anymore so I track her cart because of the strange stuff she buys. So here I was little Arti, in my pink fantasy world and the next thing you know my moms gone. I swear it feels like your world ends and you blank out because you realize you don’t even know how to go home. So at first I just started walking down the middle of store, trying to look for her but because of my shortness, at the time, I couldn’t see anything. So I started to cry. I don’t remember what happened next but I remember a man bringing me to the sales associate and she had to make a PA announcement about how I was lost. I was freaking out and she gave me a lollypop. I guess it was going to the docs round 2.

The only other time I got lost was SUPER scary and was in grade 7 when I went to India. I went to the market with my mom, again, but this time no cart. And it’s India so, let’s just say it was harder to track my mom down in a crowd than Zellers. So there I was right behind my mom as she was walking about buying veggies and again for one quick second I turned around and she was gone. I didn’t cry. I wanted to but didn’t. But the usual me I just started to panic. At least this time I knew where I lived but I had no money so I started thinking of the 2139232 possible things that could happen to me. So again, I started walking down the road and interestingly enough instead of aisles there were alleyways outside food market like my picture. But after 10 minutes which really felt like 10 hours, I noticed her, turns out she was just bent downwards towards a seller. I didn’t tell her I was lost or she would probably yell at me for wandering around.

Were you ever lost in a store/mall/country/Zellers?

Yes, I started using my own pictures now so if they don’t make sense in the next posts… I should create um, a pool of generic pictures. 



One thought on “Lost in aisle 6

  1. There was one time I was lost in the mall and I cried and went to the section for lost kids, only to find more lost kids. I enjoy reading your blog, please post more!

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