6 things I will never throw out

I guess you can call me a pack-rat, but I would prefer the term, collector. Michelle just calls me a hood rat. Even though the Junction Triangle is a pretty awesome hood.

I guess this is a nice transition from one blog post to another, but not moving results in an overload of crap. Sometimes useless crap.

I guess with all the moving talk, I tried to figure out if I had to leave something behind what would it be? And this was hard. I wouldn’t go to the extreme and say I hoard, I would be able to let go, but sometimes, just like my followers on Twitter and excess amount of I-don’t-know friends on Facebook, everything or everyone seems important.

So here are some things, six things actually, I keep in my room and to justify them I will explain the importance. And maybe after you read this you will think “aw” instead of something similar like my mom, who tells me I live live in a dump and keep garbage piled around me. And you know what when I do move, these things will be first in the moving box. Whenever that happens.
Atlanta coke. Yes, true story, this bottle is from Atlanta, the coke factory there actually. I am not a big fan of coke myself but there was no way I could throw out or even DRINK this old school glass bottle, not to mention, it was filled right in front of me and on the bottom says Atlanta.

My only Olympic memory. Seriously, I was soo excited when I bought the Vancouver 2010 red mitts I decided to wear them everywhere–everywhere until I dropped just one. I was sad, I was broke and I even went on Craigslist looking for the other one. One day I even found one on the floor…it was the right side, the side I already had. After my loss I decided to keep the one and just hang it on my wall. A reminder of my ability to lose everything I buy, how exciting it was to have the Olympics back in Canada but  most of all, Canada’s gold winning hockey game. Actually this one not only did my mom try to throw it out, she washed it.

Yup, I will even keep a rock. One summer Kevin went somewhere, I think the beach or for a walk or who knows that guy is everywhere and he found a rock that was in the shape of India. So he obviously gave it to me..and for the longest time I thought this was my birthday present, I was actually very happy.

You can’t really tell what it is, but those are my gross looking overly tanned and awkwardly painted feet but beside that is a really old school suit case. My mom and dad brought this when they first came to Canada after being married, cute eh! Too bad my mom wanted to throw it out! I thought it was vintage, to an extent, so I decided just to keep it. Currently it has no purpose but to sit on top of my closet and collect dust.

I once bled blue. Well I love Toronto and everything about Toronto and I would love, love love love love to see a Leaf’s game but there was one period of my life I loved the leafs. I even cried once when they lost to Phili. I hated that team. But this is from grade 7 I  believe, the boys in my class and I would hang posters from newspapers of the Leafs and our favourite players but I did some next level artwork and glued it on my binder. This is here to stay.

Sorry just one word. Batman. I got this when I was five I think, hung it in my room ever since. I even have another newspaper poster of the current man, Bale, drinking milk, because milk is good for you. This would probably be a great time to mention the Dark Knight Rises is out in July 2012 movie date anyone? I think most of my life I wished I lived in Gotham City and when I was a kid I thought it was real. 



One thought on “6 things I will never throw out

  1. Very neat, especially the suitcase that your parents brought over is a classic piece of vintage. You got Arti Patel.

    – Cheers, Toronto Girl

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