the soundtrack was off

So everything seems to be breaking in the past few days. My router broke, my internet had problems, no more TV and right now as I type this I just witnessed the front frame of my bed fall off (and no it wasn’t because I was too big for my bed ha ha ha ).

I realize how freaking dependent I am with technology, especially when the blackberry turns off, while I’m still outside, so I can’t even charge it. My friend Peter calls my phone a budget berry. He is right. Since yesterday once it hits a yellow bar, it just turns off.

But that’s another problem on its own. What I really have realized is how distracted I am with my phone. When I see those teeny boppers at the mall with their Hollister t-shirts walking with their phones in hand and not watching which way they are walking, I often think to myself, in my head, we all talk to ourselves that will come on later in the post, and think wow these kids are annoying one day they might just get hit by a car. Sorry in all my death scenarios people get hit by cars .

The sad part of the above statement is that this getting-hit-by-a-car-tween is now me, but older, more unaware and really just into her bbm. I almost fall into ditches all the time what’s up with all these holes in Toronto, I bump into people, bikes and dogs, and I even get lost sometimes walking to random streets because I am SO busy on the phone.

So today as I was walking home my phone died. I didn’t hear Bruno Mars proposing to me, no friends to catch up with and no bbm/email/brick breaker I suck at this or status creeping and reading about people’s mood swings. I actually listened to my surroundings, I could hear people walking behind me, I could see them as well. I could hear and see cars and bikes making turns, hey I even started eavesdropping into some interesting chats about gardening and vintage clothing stores on Bloor St. W. And yes, I talked to myself, in my head, just about the weekend. I really hope everyone does this, my brain really is my only agenda. I even realized how many hipsters now live in the hood. Lots of them. their galleries and their fancy coffee shops. When did all of this happen to Parkdale/Dufferin? I also noticed how dirty Kent’s lawn was, I had a picture but again deleted off my phone like an idiot.

So now why that picture with my bike? Why did I choose this photo besides that fact that I had no picture of me walking?Well I think when I’m biking, I really am at a state where I’m not distracted, if I was I would probably get hit by a car or hit a pedestrian.


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