wth was grounding, I didn’t have a room

Alright so before I get sucked into this post or better yet before you get sucked into this post let me just say I know nothing about being a parent or having a kid. I see it, I have read about it, I watched it but yeah, no thank you for me anytime soon. I can’t even take care of myself, I might leave my kids on the TTC.

So at work I had to research mom blogs and noticed there were not too many coloured mommy bloggers. At least in Canada. So this got me thinking of what an Indian mommy blog would look like at least my Indian mommy blog:

Today is Friday and I made channa masala and my daughter attempted to make roti but it came out as squares story of my life 

Hey blog world, today is Saturday morning, I had some chai and decided to watch KKKG for the 100th time with my son, I had to change the channel when anything remotely sexual came on, I can’t let my kids know the truth.

Hey tweeps no wait this is a blog, hey blog world, it is Sunday and my daughter decided to spill nail polish on my brand new dresser so I had to kick her ass.

Yeah, the last part did happen to me and my mom did kick my ass back then but…I don’t think any mom would be blogging about hitting their kids.

Alright now back up a bit, I am obviously against any type of violence against women/children/men/people/animals and everything else and at no point am I endorsing the idea that my mom kicked my ass, but she did, so I will blog about it. Hmm and I wouldn’t consider this abuse, actually maybe I would, I didn’t as a kid, I thought it was normal, at least to all my Indian friends it was.

I used to watch hours of tv and movies and see kids get time outs and be grounded and I would always wonder why my mom would rather hit me with a broom or lock me in a basement. Did this toughen me up? Well duh look at me, I am so tough now. No, but it did scare me…and it worked. I would be scared of my parents and some of my uncles. With their deep manly voices, actually deep manly voices still freak me out.

I remember in class one day (at Ryerson, I will miss you), Caribbean class or something, we talked about parents hitting their kids at home and half of the class was in shock by the videos. Some of just sat there and laughed…and told stories about getting chased and hit by all sorts of objects. It happens, you cry and then learn – or so they said.

Would I do this? No probably not.  I don’t think hitting kids will teach them to behave, because no matter how many times my parents yelled or hit me, I would still do whatever it was I was doing. It also shows a really nasty anger side and this really has an effect on kids growing up. I would never say I was abused though, but it def was punishment. Hitting kids (like with a broom or chasing them or locking them in basement) yes this all happened to me…is almost a cultural norm, in my household at least – and a lot of other South Asians I know. Do I justify this because of that? No. But I grew up in a different household and had no power growing up. (Hey women and girls have no power remember? Barf*)

My mom hasn’t hit me in like a million years. I was probably eight or nine  the last time. She really can’t do that to me ever again unless I rob a bank or get pregnant or something, or worse date a Muslim guy. (dun dun dun dun dun). 

My kids? Well they will have a timeout and go to sleep…no I don’t know I am just saying whatever, just like many of my blog post this has no conclusion…or point really. When I’m 35 I will figure that out.



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