Here are some of my selected articles. 


Why Canada Is Failing Its Women Leaders
9/11 Ten Years Later: Muslim Women, Organizations Work To Fight Discrimination
TIFF Fashion Trends Translated Into Real Life From The Coveteur Girls
Survivorman Les Stroud On Mentorship, Survival And Giving Back
Arlene Dickinson’s Art Of Persuasion: Her Secrets To Success
Gender Stereotypes: How To Talk To Your Kids About Gender Inequality
Work Stress: Canadians Taxed By Their Jobs, Families, Stats Can Study Reports
Shark Fin Ban: Toronto Votes To Ban Controversial Delicacy
Skin Bleaching: The Secrecy Behind The Practice And Prejudice
National Bullying Awareness Week: ‘Losers’ Creators, Everynone, Fight Back With Film
Tanning Bed Ban: MP Urges Ban For Teens
Fitness Trends: The Top Fitness Trends For 2012
New Year’s Resolutions 2012: The Top Resolutions For Canadians
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions: How To Stay On Track
How to Unjunk Your Junk Food
Office Theft: Why Employees Steal At Work
Shafia Verdict: Organizations Are Wondering, ‘What’s Next?’
Eye Strain: How To Give Your Eyes A Break At Work  


Please note, my G&M articles have been archived on their site and I am currently in the process of saving PDF copies.

Clearing a plane of snow is deicing on the cake
School closures and travel delays in the GTA
‘Pickles’ lead police to $2-million drug bust
Friends baffled by teen’s death
Two Toronto police officers found guilty of assaulting disabled man
Teen killed in Mississauga may have been target: police (reporting)
Man, 85, dies in Forest Hill apartment fire
Toronto special-needs school stunned by fraud claims
Family of fallen Toronto officer thanks supporters
Thousands attend service to honour slain officer
Owner of stolen snowplow haunted by officer’s death (reporting)
Toronto loses a ‘hero’ as police officer killed (reporting)
‘A very tragic day’: Toronto police officer killed by stolen snowplow (reporting)
Man arrested after bomb scare near CSIS, police say
Businessman leery of TTC cut in Toronto budget
How would-be premiers would use the B.C. budget windfall (text gallery)
The world’s reaction to Hosni Mubarak’s resignation (text gallery)
Key dates in president Hosni Mubarak’s life (text gallery)
Key Egyptian military leaders (text gallery, worked on second half of this)
Egypt in protest, Feb. 9 (photo gallery)
Egypt in protest, Feb. 8 (photo gallery)
Egypt in protest, Feb. 7 (photo gallery)
Analysis on Mubarak’s address to the country (live discussion and posting comments)
Clifford Orwin on Egypt (live discussion) 
Irshad Manji on democracy in the Arab world
(live discussion)


The Tyee: Go ahead, play with your food Makerculture: Playing with our food
Rabble Podcast: Episode nine, playing with our food


Global Post:

Fleeing Iran for artistic freedom

The Ryersonian:

No shame in the Slutwalk
Community rallies for women
Ryerson Updates OneCard

Ryerson Free Press:
Students struggle to find work
Verse City inspires journalism hopefuls
Eco-fashion trends bloom in Toronto
A portrait of the arts in Parkdale

McClungs Magazine

Bliss movie review (Winter 2011 magazine)
Chick-flick she said/she said: thumb’s down (Winter 2011 magazine)
Reality shows tries to break fashion barriers
Style Coucil: Bringing fashion to a neighbourhood near you

‘Women Bodies’ takes a hit at Italian TV

Chris Rock’s Good Hair Movie Review

Calender celebrating Muslim women in Edmonton

Finding Face explores acid attacks against women
Making a Fortune (Winter 2009 Magazine)
Teeth Movie Review
India, one woman at a time
Art Bra Show celebrates breast cancer awareness